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Friday, October 8, 2010

New Chain

Such delicate little chains! The very top length of chain is the only new gold-filled, the rest are sterling silver. I especially love the tiniest silver chain (right underneath the gold-filled). Perfect for a single drop or small cluster of your favorite gemstones.

Prices range from $2.30-$5.45 per foot

Friday, October 1, 2010

Antique Spindle Whorls and more . . .

New bead arrivals are always exciting, but antique beads really make us happy! You may recognize some of these, we've had them all before but we've been out of some styles for quite awhile . . .

Spindle Whorls    $4 per bead

Produced in the late 19th century in Mali by the Dogan people, each spindle whorl is decorated with beautifully unique carvings that are meant to aid in the weaving process. Traditionally, women make the spindle whorls while men do all the weaving.

Shell Buttons    $7 per piece

Produced between the 18th-19th centuries, these buttons come from Afghanistan where they were worn more as decorative brooches and less as functional buttons. These buttons were highly prized in the land locked country due to their distant ocean origins.

Old Czech Vaseline Glass    $48 per strand

These pressed glass strands were made over a 100 year period (about 1830-1930). In addition to the red, we also have green and yellow strands available (prices vary).