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Friday, July 22, 2011

New Faceted Gemstone

Fourth of July fireworks have come and gone but we still have sparklers here at Lost Cities! A whole box of new glittery goodies arrived from India last weekend and they are B-E-A-UTIFUL! Here are the highlights from this shipment:

First up, mixed tones of faceted Mystic Quartz rondelles. These are soooo sweet. True to Mystic Quartz form they have a nice shimmery, reflective coat that make them really shine! Besides these multicolor strands we also got some tanzanite color and a clear quartz with a rainbow coating.
Mystic Quartz 3mm (all colors), $31- $41 per 15 inch strand

*Mystic Quartz is top quality quartz that has been treated with a reflective or colorful coating. This treatment is a high tech enhancement, meaning it's a very durable and long lasting treatment (no "painted on" coatings on these!)*

Every time I see these pyrite I get giddy. Personally, I see these as the ultimate spacer. I love the organic yet metallic look these lend to jewelry designs. They seem to add just enough sparkle to tie everything together. In fact, my current obsessive bead combination is faceted grey labradorite, aquamarine and these precious pyrite. It's okay, it can be yours now too. I'm willing to share.
Pyrite 3mm, $28 per 15 inch strand

*These were a bit tricky to photograph. The color is actually
a rich antiqued gold color.*

Here's a little bit more of what came in. Featured on the top is, of course, the lovely pyrite (this is closer to the accurate color), garnets in the middle and amethyst on the bottom. We also got some great faceted crystal quartz and rose quartz rondelles in a variety of sizes (not shown....yet).

Garnets 3mm, $28 per 15 inch strand
Amethyst 4mm, $28 per 15 inch strand
Rose Quartz 3-5mm faceted rondelles $25 per 15 inch strand
Crystal Quartz 3-6mm faceted rondelles $25-28 per 15 inch strand

If you like what you see make sure to stop by soon!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Chrysocolla Focal Beads

Fresh out of the box, large 1-1.5 inch long chrysocolla focal beads. It's very, very rare for us to get chrysocolla anything...which makes these large beads even more special. It's not that we have a problem with loving chrysocolla, it's purely because it is so scarce that it's never available. Well, almost never :). The best news? They're only $3.90-$5.90 each.
Hope you all have a happy and safe holiday weekend. Don't forget that we're open normal hours all weekend including 4th of July and, this is very important, we have air conditioning. See you soon!