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Friday, December 18, 2009

New Cubic Zirconia Findings

Add some sparkle to your creations, just in time for the holiday season! These cubic
zirconia encrusted findings are perfect to accent your higher end pieces. Unfortunately,
the scanner just can't do them justice. You'll just have to stop by and check them out in

These petite clasps fold over in the middle, connecting the two square pieces. Length of 3/4'', width of 1/4''. Available in sterling silver or gold vermeil.

These bails are hinged, allowing the wearer to easily remove and re-attach to the chain or beaded strand of their choice. The larger of the two is about 3/4'' from top to bottom, and the smaller is 1/4''. Each size is available in sterling silver or gold vermeil.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Majorca Style Pearls

We just replenished our selection of beautiful white Majorca style pearls in 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and 16mm. These fantastic pearl substitutes are a high quality, 100% man made bead but still retain the luster and weight of a real pearl. Majorcas are traditonally made by dipping a glass beads into a specially made paste of adhesive and fish scales. Our Majorca style beads have a core of mother of pearl instead of glass. This gives the bead the weight of a real Tahitian pearl, furthering the illusion. They are beautiful for the holidays, but also have a classic enough look to be worn year round. We carry a variety of colors and sizes so be sure to stop by and check them out, they go fast!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Got Beaders Block?

     Everyone gets it from time to time, whether it's a particular strand that you're dying to transform or maybe a certain style that you're wanting to reproduce. Buying the beads can be easy, but figuring out where to go from there can be frustrating.
     We've got the cure for bead block sitting right on our book shelves. Directly below our great book selection are a collection of maroon binders that are jam packed with high
quality scans of years worth of customer and employee creations. They're loosely grouped into categories like Pearls, Wire Wrapping, Straight Stringing, Multi Strand and many
     Since these are other people's pieces we aren't able to make photocopies, but we have a collection of chairs directly next to the book case where you can comfortably sit and search for the inspiration for your next great design!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A little about our ancient beads . . .

Did you know that we specialize in ancient beads? Well, take a look at our banner above the blog title, and you'll see that we're a little obsessed. For 20 years the owners traveled around the world in search of these treasures, and although there's not much more to be found we still have quite a collection of fabulous ancient pieces to share. These beads hail from every corner of the world and come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Some of our favorites are the Tibetan turquoise (like those incredible pieces in the center and bottom left), the African amber, the African amazonite and of course the coral! Please stop by and have a look, each collection has it's own rich history and we'd be more than happy to tell you all about it! Or, for just a quick history lesson go to our website and click on the bead collection of your choice.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Gold Filled headpins

This week we received some great 24 gauge gold filled balled headpins in two different sizes (a two inch and a one and a half inch). What makes these note worthy is the larger size of the ball on the bottom and the over all great quality of the pin. It's the little things that make us happy. :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Swarovski Crystal Price Drop

Exciting news for all you Swarovski fans! We have expanded our new low 30% discount on Swarovski Crystals to include other shapes and sizes. Any size/shape of one color purchased in a quantity of 50 will receive the discount. Crystals priced at $1 or more each only need to be purchased in a quantity of 25 to achieve that discount. Such a deal! At that price you don't have to compromise, you can have them all :).

And then there was Pearls and Pyrite....

It's been a while since the last post, so I have A LOT to share. This is a continuation of the previous post, covering beads that came in during our last extra large shipment in September. Some of you already get our emails, but for those of you who don't here is the lastest letter that Karen recently send out. If you'd like to get our emails, please email us at lostcitiesbeads@att.net and let us know, we'd be happy to add you to our list!

Hi fellow Bead-Lovers,
Last message just couldn't cover everything I wanted to tell you about! This time I'll focus on some of the Pearls, Pyrite and Labradorite. There is also some Lapiz and Serpentine (my favorite color combo - lime and cobalt!) and a few sparklies - Amethyst, Citrine and Quartz.

Luscious Pearls

All of these would look terrific worked with copper wire and findings.

Row 1 is big coppery sticks, luminous with pink, gold, and green highlights - $19 per 16" strand!

Row 2 and 4 are the same, just different sizes. Yummy chocolate milk duds with glimmers of pink, green, purple and copper - $21 per 16" strand.

Row 3 are simply shiney green peas. Nearly edible. $24 per 16" strand.

The last 2 rows are spectacular copper 'potato chip' pearls. They are a luscious shimmery copper with just a bit of gold and pink. Two sizes, the larger slightly graduated - $66 and $79.


The new Lapiz is of a very bright and vibrant blue with little flashes of pyrite. Small 8mm rounds are $22 and larger 10mm are $41. Great polish and shine.The Serpentine came in 6mm rondelles and 17x12mm flat ovals. The ovals really show off the wonderful character of the stone - a mix of lime and celery greens with black and white matrix and the small rondelles are a perfect spacer. I just love that blue and green together!


This stone seems to be everyone's favorite, probably due to the glow of changing colors from within. It is SO beautiful!Pendants came in a nice assortment of shapes, all drilled front to back, all with shimmers of blue, green, and gold. Only $5.75 each.

The smallest new strands are the 6mm flattened, faceted rounds at $22. Next is 8mm faceted rounds at $35 and 10mm rounds at $41.The large flat, faceted rounds (20mm) are softly pale - $38 and the slightly larger ovals (18mm x 24mm) are a little darker - $47. Both are just breathtaking.


Here's a chance to add a unique new stone to your collection - Pyrite. Also known as Fool's Gold. This is how this type comes right out of the ground. Surprising little cubes from 5mm up to about dice size.All strands only $13. We also carry a supply of Pyrite in smooth rounds, rondelles and coins.

Citrine in a wonderful new cut - kinda a brick - sorta random faceted yet smooth - we'll just call it gorgeous. In shades from pale gold clouds to rich whiskey amber. Very pretty!Sold by weight - strands from $48 to $58Quartz - a stone but utterly transparent. Rondelles gleam with tiny facets. Very sparkly!16" strands $18.Amethyst in a good rich deep purple but not so dark you can't see that royal color.12mm faceted rounds - $4410mm faceted rounds - $356mm faceted rounds - $254mm faceted rounds - $22Strands of irregular droplets, tumbled to a gleaming smoothness.16" strands - $25Also available in singles for earrings or pendants - $1.30 each
Please note that prices mentioned in Lost Cities' emails, blogs, handouts, websites, etc. are effective the date of publication. They are subject to market conditions and availability and may be modified as necessary at Lost Cities' discretion.
Bead Happy -Karen and the Team at Lost Cities

Monday, September 14, 2009

Brand New LARGE Shipment!

Our largest shipment of the year just came in and we've got a lot to share with you! It'll take several posts to share everything with you so please stay tuned for new additions!

American, Colorado and Chinese Turquoise

Beautiful large, graduated strands of turquoise in various colors. Starting from the inside strand working outward . . .

Bright blue American Turquoise- strands from $102-$160 averaging a graduated 7mm x 23mm

Green Colorado Turquoise- strands from $148-$167 averaging a graduated 8mm x 21mm

Multi-tone Chinese Turquoise- only two strands available, $87 each 12mm

Various Chinese Turquoise

More Chinese turquoise in various shapes and sizes. Starting from the top row working our way down . . .

Large, graduated rondelles averaging 7mm-12mm. Priced from $40-$58 per strand.

Flat ovals in a 7mm-9mm. Priced at $16 per strand.

Multi-tone heshi in an 8mm. Priced at $25 per strand, only 3 available!

Cylindrical greens in a 6mm x 8mm. Priced at $16 per strand.

Flat rice shaped in blues and greens in a 9mm x 5mm. Priced at $16 per strand.

Larger flat ovals in an average size of 11mm x 13mm. Priced at $14-$18 per strand.

Natural Purple Spondylus Shell (aka Spiny Oyster)

This is really a treat, purple Spondylus shell! Also known as Spiny Oyster, this is a natural, un-dyed shell that adds an organic flare to any design. Spiny Oyster is often paired with turquoise, carnelian and gaspeite for a stunning Southwest look. See descriptions and prices below.

Large heshi shape in a 10mm. Priced at $38 per strand.

Medium sized rondelles in an 8mm. Priced at $38 per strand.

Medium sized heshi shape in a 6mm. Priced at $31 per strand.

Small rondelles in a 4mm (great spacers!). Priced at $25 per strand.

Small tubular shaped, multi-tones in a 4mm x 4mm. Priced at $19 per strand.

Natural Orange Spondylus Shell (aka Spiny Oyster)

In addition to the purple, we received a selection of orange Spiny Oyster (also natural color). They all measure at 6mm and come in a variety of oranges and an occasional reddish tone. These are all priced at $31 per strand.

Assorted Geodes

These geodes are amazing! Each piece is unique in size, color and pattern and has clusters of sparkly crystals inside. They are shown in strands, but we also offer them in singles. The scan simply does not do these justice! They are sold at $31 per strand or $5.25 per piece.

Large Agate Slices

Check out these neat slices of agate! Some are huge (for that fabulously earthy "statement necklace" you've always wanted) and some are a little bit more sized for an everyday wear. These are priced at $31 a strand, and $4.25 each.

Monday, September 7, 2009

New Gold Vermeil

We just received our gold plating order back and I have great new 24kt gold vermeil pieces to share with you! Vermeil (pronounced ver-may), is different from other gold plates because to qualify as true vermeil it must have a base of sterling silver underneath (no base metals, no mystery metals). The plating must also be no less than 10kt and have a substantial thickness. This is not to be confused with gold filled (a thin layer of 14kt gold bonded to a brass core). By sending out our own silver pieces to be plated, we can easily control the quality and prices of our gold.

Charms! This is just a very small sample of what came back, I just love that little pine cone and the rooster!

A varitey of gold vermeil bails . . . something for every occasion!

We sent a handful of our personal line of Euro style beads and they came back great! The gold really brings out the details in the beads.

These are by far the most exciting items to come back from our gold order. These are our antique Hindu amulets and they just looking fabulous in gold! We only had about a dozen plated this time, so if you want one immediately act fast!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Aventurine, Amethyst and Smoky Quartz

Some new beads to share with you this weekend . . .

Faceted smoky quartz in 6 and 8mm rondelles.

Faceted aventurine in 6 and 8mm rondelles. Our scanner makes them look more on the blue side when they are actually more of a delicate green hue.

Faceted amethyst in 6mm rondelles.

All of these new gemstone beads are cut in China, which means they have a consistent hole size making wire wrapping and knotting easier and less frustrating (I hate that some of the prettiest gemstone beads have the tiniest holes!).

Friday, August 21, 2009

Black Spinel Beads are Back!

These beautiful, tiny black spinel beads have proven to be a hit not just with our customers, but also our employees (that's when you know they're really good beads ;). In fact, they were such a big hit the last time we got them, that they quickly sold out. With intense sparkle like 3mm black diamonds, but the low, low price of spinel who could resist? Well, this week we received a nice large handful of replacement strands and they are just as impressive as the first! If you're interested in one (or two, or three . . .) I recommend that you act fast because these are sure to fly out :).

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sterling Silver Big Hole Beads and New Chain

Earlier this summer we received Sterling Silver beads that have large enough holes to fit on chains/cord up to 4mm thick. Our beads are cute and detailed but at a fraction of the price of the Euro style bracelets they fit on. This week we got another shipment with new styles as well as old styles we had run out of due to their popularity.

New Styles!
Two different Giraffe, Lips, Heart with Flag Pattern, Clock, Cinderella's Carriage, Jack-o-Lantern, and MORE!

Sterling Tubes with different patterns
Swirls, stars, butterflies, hearts, etc!

Chinese Zodiac Animals Sterling Silver Tube Beads
Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig
It's hard to photograph these adorable animals since the images circle around the tubes.
Please come in and take a closer look!!!

New Sterling Silver Chain -A small twisted link and chain made of 3mm heart links

Sterling silver 5mm hammered round link chain /Gold-fill 8mmx6mm hammered oval link chain

Friday, August 7, 2009

Chrysocolla, Sardonyx, and Pyrite

Some new beads to inspire your next projects!

Chrysocolla -We haven't had this stone in awhile. Bright blues and greens comparable in color to turquoise but glassier. The color is truly phenomenal and we have several shapes and sizes that can add a pop of brightness to any necklace, bracelet, or earrings.

Sardonyx-Another stone we are happy to get more of! This shipment has wonderful clear stripes. Colors alternate between blacks, whites, grays, and tans. Perfect on their own, paired with larger banded agates, or anything else you dream up for them.

Pyrite -Known as "Fool's Gold" for it's sparkle and shine when found in nature. These make perfect brassy colored spacer beads. They are heavy, substantial, and great in masculine jewelry.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Pearl Extravaganza!

It's been a while since we've gotten a freshwater pearl shipment in . . . but it was worth the wait! This box had a little bit of something appealing for everyone, take a look at the photos below :).

Coin Pearls in larger sizes and great colors!

White pearls in various shapes and sizes with fantastic luster.

Potato pearls in beautiful warm, sunset pinks and peaches. Can't decide if you like the pink, peach or white potato shape better? We'll make it easy on you, we've got strands that include all three of these colors!

I left my favorite for last. Personally, I get more excited over shipments of small, colorful pearls than any other kind of pearl. At only 4mm, these little guys are so usable! They can be strung or knotted alone with a pendant for a beautifully casual look, or used as spacers between even your best quality gemstone, and for the fabulously brave, these tiny pearls make great multistrand bracelets and necklaces. I love any bead that has that much flexibility :).

Monday, July 27, 2009

Ring Mandrels

Have you ever wanted to make a ring out of wire, but lacked the right tool for it? Sure, we can get creative and use things around the house to form the loops we need, but mandrels make it so much easier! We received two styles, with the only visible difference being that one has a great rubber non-slip grip (shown left). Both styles are numbered and have tick marks that indicate every whole, half and quarter size allowing the designer to get the right size every time. Both styles are made of solid steel giving the designer the option to add texture to the ring with a hammer directly on the mandrel without damaging either tool.
These are a great multi use tool, I also use my mandrel to make loops for hoop earrings, pendants and anything else I need a perfect loop for. The mandrels have a range in ring size from 1 to 17. A must have for active wire users!

Earring Frames, Ready for Embelishment

These are one of the most exciting items we've gotten all year! We've had some of these frames in stock for a couple of months now, but they've been so popular that we've had trouble keeping some of the shapes in. We just got the marquise shape (far left with tanzanite drops) back in and we just can't help ourselves around here, they're just all too tempting to decorate! These are made of sterling silver and gold vermeil (24kt over sterling silver) and have a great brushed texture.
[From left to right . . . first tanzanite and silver, second amethyst and gold vermeil, third chrysoprase, citrine and gold vermeil, fourth apatite, iolite, kyanite and gold vermeil, fifth grey sapphire and silver, sixth Swarovski crystal and gold vermeil]
The frames come plain, these are just examples done by our creative employees (like I mentioned above, we just can't control our creative impulses!). What I like most about these is that you don't need a ton of beads to dress them up, some just need one great bead to really set it off. You can, of course, go crazy and drench them in gem and crystal beads and really make some show stoppers. We won't stop you. :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Tigers Eye, Pietersite and More!

Some new beads that just came in this morning . . .

Tigers Eye and Pietersite Beads
The two strands on the top (gold color) are Tigers Eye in a 10mm and 6mm. The rest of the strands are Pietersite, a stone named for it's discoverer Sid Pieters. Both Tigers Eye and Pietersite are in the quartz family and exhibit similar chatoyance (a cat's eye effect caused by a fibrous structure). Deposits of Pietersite are found in South Africa and China, while Tigers Eye, though mostly found in South Africa, can be found all over the world.

Matte OnyxThis is something new for us . . . natural onyx with a matte finish! The matte finish is almost silky to the touch and adds texture to projects that need something different yet subtle.

Matte Hematite
We've had matte hematite before, but this is so opposite from what polished hematite looks like that I think it's worth mentioning :). Like the matte Onyx, these matte Hematite are great additions to jewelry pieces that need something different and unique. Hematite is a type of iron oxide and can be found in huge formations from England to Brazil to the United States.

These are just the highlights of our latest shipment, be sure to stop by to see what else is new!

Friday, July 17, 2009

New Swarovski Beads!

I have to admit, I'm sort of a Swarovski junkie, so when our new crystal shipment came today I was the first to jump on it. Since they're sent in loose collections I always feel like it's a box full of handfuls of treasure just waiting to be uncovered. Here are the highlights of our new shipment . . .

From right to left . . . Dark Indigo (deep, inky blue), Crystal Red Magma (fiery red-orange), Indian Pink (rich, jewel tone pink) and Air Blue Opal (sky blue with an opalescent effect). Since these are new colors the variety of available shapes vary.

From right to left . . . crystal copper in a tear drop, 4mm rondelles in crystal AB, 3mm and 4mm bicones in comet argent (VERY silvery!) and lastly a tear drop in crystal moonlight. Notice that the tear drop shapes have holes large enough to use a jump ring as a connection, no need to wire wrap!

Come in and see us if you get the chance and remember that with new items come new creative possibilities!