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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Coptic Crosses and Hindu Amulets

We just received a huge shipment and I am so excited to share all the wonderful new pieces with you! Over the next few posts I will talk about all the exciting new things from antiquities to sparkles that we have waiting for you (along with a delicious cookie, of course!)

Let's start of with these wonderful Ethiopian Coptic Crosses. They come in many styles that reflect their town or province of origin, with the simplest ones being the oldest. They are made from coin silver and many are cut directly from the Maria Theresa (Marie Antoinette's mother) coin.


On the left is a close up of one of these crosses and on the right is the actual Maria Theresa coin. Although the image has been worn down over time on the cross, it is still easily identified as being cut from the coin. What a super cool piece of history to own!

All our Coptic Crosses are $69 each.

We also have many, many more Hindu amulets! These are at least 75 years old, but many are much older. They depict a variety of Hindu deities including Hanuman, the semi-divine monkey god from the epic Ramayana, Devi, the core female deity, and Bumiya Raj, the village protector. Just be careful, collecting them is addictive - everyone here has a huge stash at home!

Hindu Amulets start at $12 each.

That's all for today! Stay tuned, next I'll talk about the new skulls and Buddhas. They're pretty awesome, you won't want to miss it!