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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chinese Crystal Galore!

The wait is finally over! Our largest shipment of Chinese crystal arrived this weekend and there's so much to see. Chinese crystal is very similar to Swarovski. With a much more affordable price and the same glittery glitz you can mix and match without feeling restricted.

Let's start with my favorite, 4mm rondelles. The metallics look so sweet in this tiny shape. I instantly thought earrings!
$4.65 per strand

Some 4mm rounds, same sweet small size as the rondelles above.
$4.65 per strand

Lot's and lots of 6mm rondelles in a variety of metallics, mixes, special coatings and opaques.
$4.65 per strand

Back by popular demand, "red velvet" in 3 sizes of rondelles. This beautiful red is slightly opaque with a slight clear crystal glow on the outer edges. These have been flying out the door and we completely sold out within a week during our last shipment (beautiful color for Christmas!). If you think this is something you might be interested in I urge you to act fast.
$4.65-$6.30 per strand

This is just a small sampling of what came in . . . I didn't even cover the 8mm rondelles and rounds. We've got over ten trays full of strands for you to explore so stop by soon!