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Friday, December 16, 2011

New Shipment of Antique African Amber!

Antique African Amber $9.50 per gram

We've got a whole new strand of the antique African amber beads to share with you today! These beautiful beads are destined to be added into the singles basket along with the rest of our antique Amber beads.

Despite the name, this amber wasn't originally sourced from Africa. The amber rough was found in the Baltic and traded into Africa where it was carved into beads. Unlike Tibetans (who also carved Baltic amber into beads), Africans preferred to carve specific shapes like wheel and square-ish shapes. These beads were generally produced during the 19th century but some pieces can be even older. We sell them by the individual bead so you can pick out the beads that speak to you and make a bracelet or necklace that is truly personal.