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Friday, July 24, 2009

Tigers Eye, Pietersite and More!

Some new beads that just came in this morning . . .

Tigers Eye and Pietersite Beads
The two strands on the top (gold color) are Tigers Eye in a 10mm and 6mm. The rest of the strands are Pietersite, a stone named for it's discoverer Sid Pieters. Both Tigers Eye and Pietersite are in the quartz family and exhibit similar chatoyance (a cat's eye effect caused by a fibrous structure). Deposits of Pietersite are found in South Africa and China, while Tigers Eye, though mostly found in South Africa, can be found all over the world.

Matte OnyxThis is something new for us . . . natural onyx with a matte finish! The matte finish is almost silky to the touch and adds texture to projects that need something different yet subtle.

Matte Hematite
We've had matte hematite before, but this is so opposite from what polished hematite looks like that I think it's worth mentioning :). Like the matte Onyx, these matte Hematite are great additions to jewelry pieces that need something different and unique. Hematite is a type of iron oxide and can be found in huge formations from England to Brazil to the United States.

These are just the highlights of our latest shipment, be sure to stop by to see what else is new!