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Monday, July 27, 2009

Ring Mandrels

Have you ever wanted to make a ring out of wire, but lacked the right tool for it? Sure, we can get creative and use things around the house to form the loops we need, but mandrels make it so much easier! We received two styles, with the only visible difference being that one has a great rubber non-slip grip (shown left). Both styles are numbered and have tick marks that indicate every whole, half and quarter size allowing the designer to get the right size every time. Both styles are made of solid steel giving the designer the option to add texture to the ring with a hammer directly on the mandrel without damaging either tool.
These are a great multi use tool, I also use my mandrel to make loops for hoop earrings, pendants and anything else I need a perfect loop for. The mandrels have a range in ring size from 1 to 17. A must have for active wire users!