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Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Large Shipment

It's that time again! Our biggest shipment of the year has arrived and we're happily drowning in new and exciting stock. There's something for everyone in this amazing group, whether you prefer bright and gemmy, antique and weathered, petite or bold. Here are just a couple of items that were love at first sight for our employees. And, since it was so hard to narrow our choices down to a few, I'll be posting more items throughout this week so check back often!

These are my personal favorite's from the entire shipment. These are contemporary reproductions of old Buddhist style pendants. We have two sizes available, and each piece is beautifully unique. Some have the appearence of old wall carvings, some are cut and stamped from weathered metal, and some have domes of clear plastic to protect the idols. There is a very limited amount of these available, and they're already flying out the door. The small pieces (above the quarter) are $13 each, and the large pieces are $16 each.

These turquoise pendants are AMAZING. These are cut thick with a slight dome look and the holes are large enough to slide them right onto thick fiber. We've got a whole tray of different sizes, shapes (check out those skulls, what a find!) and patterns but be warned, these won't last long! Prices range from around $6 each to $50 each.

More larimar pendants! We had a small amount of these a couple years ago at killer prices, and they sold out quickly. They're back, and so is their low, low price. Sold by weight they range in price from about $14 to about $50 each.

Want a little summer break from the winter weather? This assortment of beachy beads will point you in the right direction.
Red abalone (graduated tear drops): $47 each
Aquamarine assortment (inside the abalone): $13-$20 per strand
Purple and orange Spondylus shell (far left): $10-$13 per strand

Earthy, organic, polished nuggets, just how nature intended them to be! Most strands are big and bold with an occasional medium sized strand mixed in. Beads are big enough for pendants, but look fabulous as a whole necklace. Starting from the very top . . .
Chalcedony: $25 per strand
Crystal Quartz: $30 per strand
Amethyst: $19 per strand
Chalcedony slabs: $19 per strand
Medium chalcedony slabs: $19 per strand

This is just a first in a series of posts so check back for more pretties :). If you're signed up on our email list you'll recieve an email highlighting these and other pieces we love shortly. If you don't recieve our emails, but would like to, just email us at lostcitiesbeads@att.net and let us know! Remember that we don't share your information with anyone, and the emails are only about 5-6 times a year.