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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chunky, Gemmy Fun

Do you like large beads that are bold and beautiful enough to scream "here I am!"? Then this might just be your day.

Let's give you an idea of size because my idea of "chunky" might be a tad different than yours. The strand pictured above is the largest of the bunch, most strands will have beads as big as the smallest bead in this picture.

Amethyst in glowing purple tones and solid white quartz streaks. 
$14  per strand

Fluorite in all it's glorious colors. I love the double toned pieces, they really glow in the sunlight.
$10  per strand

Icy quartz! Enjoy all the beauty and none of the sub zero temperatures.
$18 per strand

Blue Lace Agate slices and chunks with beautiful sky blue tones.
$14 per strand

Amethyst again in more refined, evenly cut ovals. These pack a punch in the sparkle department!
$41 per strand

And, if you're not really interested in wearing them, why not do what I did and make a sun catcher to hang in the window? It's a fun project and (if you're really like me) your cats will also enjoy it.