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Monday, February 7, 2011

It's Raining Gems...

...hallelujah! If you're in the neighborhood for drops, look no further! Whether you're looking for golden yellows, royal purples, or icy blues, we've got you covered. Explore your options...

Rutilated quartz (large drops) and fire opal (small, mixed drops).
Rutilated Quartz are $19-$46 each strand (and going FAST)
Fire Opal are $109

Aquamarine and Mixed Beryl strands.
Aquamarine strands $72-$92
Mixed Beryl strands $78-95
(mixed beryl refers to mixed strand that includes many colors of beryl including pink morganite, yellow heliodor and blue aquamarine)

Amethyst and Tanzanite
Amethyst cushion cut diamonds (top) $90-$96 per strand
Tanzanite drops (three middle strands) $42-73 per strand
Amethyst angle cut squares and rectangles (bottom two) $57-$92 per strand

Pointed drops (top three strands) $116-$136 per strand
Rounded tear drops (bottom three strands) $103-$148 per strand

Rounded tear drop shaped tourmaline strands $173-$229 per strand

Remember that more often than not we'll have these available in singles and you're always welcome to buy a half strand of anything over $10! With those options, you can really get what you want and feel good about not breaking the bank.