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Friday, June 24, 2011

New African Beads Part One: Recycled Glass

 Summer is officially...somewhere. Definitely not here in Old Town just yet. This June Gloom seems content to live up to it's name and hang around until the very end of the season. Well, outside our door that is. Because inside we're bringing you some new beads to get you ready for the San Diego summer right around the corner....

Recycled glass is back! In new bright colors, a variety of sizes and a few new shapes. Recycled glass is exactly that, beads made from crushed, discarded glass bottles that would have otherwise been dumped into a landfill. That makes these beads enviromentally friendly and very "green".

Don't you want to just dive right in? Being from the coast, I've always had a particular fondness for blue and sea green shades (especially that teal and seafoam on the far right). These have a pretty big hole, which means you can make pretty big knots, using pretty big fiber. And that makes me pretty happy.
I really, really love all these new colors that came in this shipment. The rounds (shown here and the first two pictures) vary in price from $13-19 per strand.

Not to mention the new shapes! These "tulip shapes" are a sweet, slighted fluted, ridged flower-ish shape. They vary (based on size) in price from $7-10 per strand.

These donut shaped beads remind me of red lifesavers (the best kind of lifesavers). These are $11 per strand.

Don't need a whole strand? As always, we've got singles! Come visit us and banish that June Gloom away with our taste of summer!