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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Treasures: Chinese Turquoise

Our largest shipment of the year has arrived, and for those of you that received our email announcement some of these items may look a little familiar. However, the email only touched on a handful of exciting beads. Let me take you on a more in depth tour on our newest treasures starting with the Chinese turquoise. Stay tuned for more post throughout this week!

Most of you are familiar with popular turquoise mines like Sleeping Beauty, Fox and Nacazari, but did you know that turquoise is also found in China? In fact, turquoise has been actively mined and treasured in China for over three thousand years (remember our Tibetan turquoise?). It occurs in a wide range of color tones and matrix variations....from rich browns to lime greens to sky blues to deep indigo's. Chinese turquoise tends to be more affordable as compared to American mined turquoise because of the abundant supply and low labor costs. Major deposits of turquoise are still found in the Hubei Province. 

Check our the newest additions to our Chinese turquoise collection....

This fabulous one of a kind piece is truly a show stopper. Each bead is hand carved individually into a "melon" shape and graduates in size from an impressive 26mm to a  14mm. Very impressive indeed. This unique strand is $252.

These are one of my favorites from our new turquoise collection! I personally prefer the green turquoise (typical for a redhead!) so it was especially hard to figure out which strand (or three) I couldn't live without. Better come and claim one before I decide that I need all of them.
Green Turquoise Barrels
$28-$106 per 16 inch strand

We also got a handful of the more common silky blue tones of the turquoise barrels. These are just as nice as the green toned turquoise, but we weren't able to get as many so what you see here is what we've got.
Blue Turquoise Barrels
$28-$106 per 16 inch strand

A favorite cut has returned! These flat, tapered nuggets are captivating. Each strand has natural, earthy, multi-color patterns that remind me of watercolor paint washes. The dark brown and black matrix compliment those color "washes" very nicely.
Tapered Turquoise Nuggets
$98-$189 per 16 inch strand 

Lastly, wonderful tear drops in a variety of sizes, drop shapes, and colors. I can't wait to incorporate these in some huge, lush chandelier style earrings!
Tear Drop Turquoise
$8-$30 per 16 inch strand

Stay tuned for the next chapter of our new shipment series....