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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

And the Beat Goes On - Banded Agate, Flourite, and Coral!

There are still more wonderful beads coming in from our most recent shipment, ready to become a part of your next beading project!

So let's talk for a bit about this wonderful Banded Agate we just got in! It's faceted. It's graduated. No two pieces are alike, and the quality is absolutely amazing! Each strand has a great mixture of of colors, from earth tones to black and white. I think these would be great knotted or with some little silver spacers.

This picture gives you a better idea of the graduation. The smallest beads are 7mm and the largest are 15mm. They are sold by the strand and the strands are 16".
Faceted Graduated Banded Agate $28/strand


Check out these peanut shaped Fluorite! Each strand has a variety of minty green, lavender, pink, and clear. Some beads even have a mixture of colors in them. Use a matching pair for earrings or string them up in a necklace - we'd love to see what ideas you can come up with for this unique shape!

We also received some 8mm x 11mm triangle shapes in Fluorite. The color of these is magnificent and includes some great deep purple beads. These are drilled through the center of the triangle, so when they are strung, you see the edge of the triangle, rather than the triangle shape itself. All Fluorite strands are 16".
13mm x 20mm Fluorite Peanuts $10
8mm x 11mm Fluorite Triangles $22

And, last but not least (last for today, anyway) is this new dyed coral! I'm really crazy about the color of these beads. It's not the super bright, orange-red of most dye coral, but a deeper, richer red. The smooth nugget shape is sophisticated and organic. Perfect for day-to-night jewelry, as it would look great with jeans and dressed up!
10mm x 14mm Dyed Coral $14

Well, that's all for today, but there's still a little more to talk about. Next up - new Sterling Silver chain!