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Friday, March 16, 2012

Larimar, Variscite, and Telsums - Oh My!

Another shipment of goodies has arrived, and it's pretty exciting. Fasten your seat belt and get ready to hear about some FABULOUS new beads!

We've had many requests for more Larimar, and now we have some! I love the beautiful sky blue tones in this stone. Larimar is only found in the Dominican Republic and gets its name from a combination of LARIssa (the daughter of the man who discovered it) and MAR, the Spanish word for ocean. Being a single-source stone, it is fairly rare, so we are very lucky to have some! There are two sizes of the oval shape and they are sold in 16" strands
8x10mm Larimar ovals $81
10x14 mm Larimar ovals $82

And for something totally new, Variscite! Variscite is a phosphate first discovered in Germany, but now mined in Utah, Nevada, Queensland, and Brazil. Colors can vary, but it is most often found in this gorgeous bright green color.


These would make great spacers or look lovely wire wrapped on their own. Or straight-string them with one of the new Buddha pendants for a quick and adorable necklace!
4mm Variscite rounds $17

And... we have a new batch of Telsums to add to our antiquities collection. These amulets are from Ethiopia, 1800's - 1900's. They were typically worn as protection. The triangles protect from the evil eye and the half circles protect from the crescent moon. Even if you don't need protection from the evil eye, these shapes will look great with any rustic jewelry design!
Telsum Amulets $4 each

These are definitely some great finds, and there is still more to come! In my next blog I'll tell you all about our new Banded Agate, Fluorite, and Coral. But if you can't wait that long, feel free to come in for a visit and see our wonderful collection of beads in person. We are always here with a smile, a cookie, and answers to all your questions... well, all your BEADING questions!